Thursday, March 19, 2009

So i was gonna just let this blog die a natural death because I couldn't be fucked writing anymore because I just feel tired and lazy, like a fat slob. Then I read thru what i wrote and thought why is it that so many fucked up things have happened to me lately? Mum is apparently in Whittlesea working with the fire victims. After 2 weeks she called to see if I got the note. There was no note. She insisited she left it on the fridge telling me everything but she is a lying bitch. I don't even think she's doing anything at the fires except trying to fuck firemen. Once we had a gas leak and the firemen came and mum was fully dressed, but when she saw them she went back inside and changed into her silk nighty with her boobs hanging out. It was gross and embarrassing. She went out the front where the neighbours could see and was hanging over the railing asking the firemen if there was anything she could do to help. She wasn't even drunk, just desperate.

anyway there's a lot going on but I'm tired and going to bed.