Friday, January 21, 2011

Living the Dream 2011

Well yes at the XMAs party this sleazy Swedish guy said I had a nice ass and a smiled back at him and told him that he would never get anywhere near it. I hear that later that night he ended up fucking Denise, the deaf chick. Maybe he signed something to her about her ass. What a sleazebag. He thinks he's a player having sex with all the fat slags at work but anyone with any self esteem will work him out in a second. No matter how drunk you are. I've seen the way he looks at me and it creeps me out. I don't care that he's assistant manager. It's only because his uncle owns the company. I teased him a bit earlier on, told him I wasn't getting any from my boyfriend just to watch him pant. I admit I was pretty pissed but I stopped drinking pretty early. And it was fun to mess with him. When Mary came round with acid I only took half and it straightened me up. After that I stopped drinking.

Let me ask you this. Should deaf loose bitches get shitfaced at work parties. It was pretty funny, she was hanging off him, giving him massages, pulling all the moves. Or that's what Jeff said. I left early. He was one of the last to leave.

Anyway somehow it got out and now everyone knows. So as I set here in my cubicle I can see Denise and her eyes are all puffy. she said she's got an allergy but she keeps going to the toilet. For sure to cry. Now everyone knows she's loose.

I kinda feel sorry for her because I don't think she gets much action, but still even she should know to stay away from the Swedish. Today denise took lunch at her desk. I think I should tell her no one gives a shit. Maybe tomorrow. Fuck he's ugly. And short. It would be like fucking a troll. I don't think I could get that drunk.