Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So I was waiting for some fish and chips and I was reading this old zoo magazine that they had there. I can't remember what but it had a really interesting article. There was this old maybe 30 year old guy there too. He had grey stubble, but it kinda suited him. Everytime I looked up he tried to catch my eye. I pretended not to notice. Finally he made this noise, like a little squawk. I looked up surprised and he was grinning at me. He told me that I was hot. That I looked like the girl on the cover (which is a lie because she had black hair - mine is brown with tips). He then told me that he was 'on the roids.' I asked him if it shrunk his balls.

He said that it doesn't, that its a lie. After all what do roids do? They build musicles. What's the biggest muscle on the body? The cock. So provided you exercise it and here he gave me this sleazy look as if to say, you know what I mean, it'll get bigger. I asked if it had and he said that he'd only just started. But anyway when your thighs and body gets bigger sometimes it looks like your cock is smaller. Anyway he then got up to get his order, leaving me alone with the fish and chip guy...Oh wait, I gotta go. I'll let you know what happened tomorroew. Sorry to tease.

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